About ours trips


About ours trips



Specials requirements


Special Requirements :

It is convenient to take along the following items (equipment list) for a trip around Patagonia and Argentina:

 Light rain-and-wind-proof clothing
 Good sun glasses and sun cream filter protection,
 A hat, a warm cap
 Gloves for mountain areas
 Small backpack for daily walks
 Batteries for cameras and video recorders, rolls of film
 Binoculars and a flash light (if is headlamp better)
 Strong and comfortable footwear for high mountain regions and warm clothing.


Even though the hikes and horse riding excursions are for all levels, it is convenient to be reasonably fit and healthy, given that only in this way will the different activities be enjoyed to the fullest.

During the rides in vehicles one must understand the distances involved, be prepared for any possible difficulties that may arise along the way and also be willing to cooperate in a group.